We were able to finish corn harvest on the 30th of September.  We were incredibly blessed with tremendous yields to help compensate for the fallout in commodity prices.  Corn prices have fallen 20.9% from their highs this last year, and 13.4% off of year ago levels.  KC Red Wheat and Soybeans have fallen 31.4% and 18.5% respectively from year ago levels.


DCIM159MEDIASince all producers are facing the same challenges of price decline; it is very important to maximize output to help cover input costs.  This is where we use the data from our variable rate seeding and hybrid data to make decisions for next years plantings.




Every hybrids yield is logged in 5 different population zones to where we can find that hybrids most practical seeding rate for our climate, and soil conditions.  Including an “in-furrow” fertilizer trial – this plot gave us 130 pieces of data to build future recommendations.









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